October 19 2018 Seminar Abstract

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We had a great time at our last workshop on “Managing Customer Engagement” and want to provide you with a seminar abstract. Thank you to all of those who attended! You can download copies of the presentations below.

In the two hours we had together, we put out a lot of information! John Jennings had great tips on how to manage your time so that you have the time to engage with your customers. Jyll Stuart walked through her methods of curating and scheduling social media content.

Seminar Abstract

Time Management Strategies for Social Media

John’s presentation was packed with information! Time management distills down to these areas: (1) psychology of time management, (2) setting SMART goals, (3) prioritizing your time, (4) tackling procrastination and multitasking, and (5) setting an action plan for social media.

[bctt tweet=”Do you love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff that life is made of. – Benjamin Franklin” username=”veracitytech”]

John takes the time to review his strategies for managing social media. He also explains who his target audience is for his content. He also introduces us to a great technique – block scheduling. This will help you manage your time so that you have time to communicate to your clients. If you want to reach out to John and schedule some follow-up time, you can do so here.

Tips and Tricks for Customer Engagement

Jyll’s presentation detailed the tools and methods she uses to manage Veracity Technologies and her other business ventures. She started off with the importance of a good personal profile so that you can build trust in yourself and in the business you are representing.

[bctt tweet=”When the trust account is high, communication is easy, instant, and effective. – Steven R. Covey” username=”veracitytech”]

Jyll discussed the importance of targeting the correct social media platform so that you can reach the key segment of your clientele. Having an authentic personal and business profile is essential in building trust. Constructing a genuine message, leave out the sales fluff, is important to encourage engagement and memorability. Finally, always measure and adapt. In Jyll’s presentation, you’ll find a list of the tools she uses.


Please feel free to download these presentations for your personal use. All copyrights are retained by the original author.

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