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Protect My Business from Competitors?

Do you worry about protecting your business from competitors? When you are a business owner, there are a lot of things that you have to worry about. You need to

Is It Time To Start A Business

How to Start a Business Now in 2 Steps

Now is the best time to start a business! Being online is hot! Data shows that more and more people are joining the entrepreneur bandwagon. Let Veracity Technologies help you with your new business endeavor!

Choose Wrong Career

How To Know If You Chose The Wrong Career

Artur Meyster, CTO of CareerKarma Artur, who has a background in investment banking, is now the Chief Technology Officer of CareerKarma. He is also a founder of Breaking Into Startups

Screenshot of Collaborating with Milanote

Collaborating with Milanote

NOTE: Way back in 2014, we wrote an article entitled Our Favorite Collaboration Tools. Recently, it caught the attention of the team at Milanote. They asked me to take a

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Just Have to Experiment

Sometimes you just have to experiment. I do a lot of that with Veracity’s website. Trying out different hosting platforms. Looking at themes, builders, and

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