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Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy. In fact, they create the majority of new jobs as well as drive innovation and competitiveness. Veracity Technologies is on a mission to help small business owners grow and flourish by leveraging the most appropriate technologies and strategies.

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Our experience can help you grow your business. Together we can empower you and your company to successfully navigate and manage your digital landscape. When you succeed, we succeed!

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Small Business WordPress Solutions

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Veracity Technologies will partner with you to design your WordPress site to accentuate your brand. Your site will be easy to navigate. Responsive to multiple devices. And be technically and semantically correct. All designed to help with your search engine optimization.

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Leverage our 27+ years of web development to your advantage.
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All of our efforts are geared toward generating the results you need for your business.
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Rank Math for SEO

Rank Math for SEO – Easy as 1,2,3

Table of Contents Introducing Rank Math for SEO Setting up Rank Math for SEO on your WordPress site is as easy as 1,2,3! First, install the plugin and walk through the easy wizard provided by the folks at Rank Math. Second, start focusing on optimizing your existing pages and posts. Finally, explore some of the advanced features that the plugin offers. Part of your site’s performance ranking focuses on search engine optimization. Many plugins on

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Email Armageddon
Notable News

Is Email Armageddon Coming?

Table of Contents Background Email Armageddon could arrive for email marketing on February 1, 2024, both Gmail (Google) and Yahoo are implementing policies that will impact the delivery of your emails to your subscribers. Both companies have been warning marketers for many months. This means you have to have an authenticated email address that you send emails from, an easy way for your users to unsubscribe, and a low spam reporting count. Where to Start

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Connecting SES to WordPress

Notes This article, Connecting SES to WordPress,  assumes that you have created an account on Amazon’s Web Service (AWS) and have a working knowledge of configuring WordPress. On AWS, you may a free tier option to use, but it’s a good practice to add a billing method as a backup. You’ll also have to have access to your domain’s DNS settings so that you can verify your domain with AWS. Table of Contents Verifying Your

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