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Veracity Technologies has been helping small businesses, start-ups, and solo entrepreneurs since 1997. We know that technology is changing the world. This excites us and we want to share that enthusiasm with you! We love bringing new ideas to the forefront! Admittedly, bright shiny objects intrigue us! We realize that diversity is important to business as it allows us to make quick moves to help you be more competitive. Learn more about us and get in touch.

Veracity Technologies is Small Business

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy. In fact, they create the majority of new jobs as well as drive innovation and competitiveness. Veracity Technologies is on a mission to help small business owners grow and flourish by leveraging the most appropriate technologies and strategies. Check out all the services we have to offer.

We Innovate with WordPress

We built our first WordPress website back in 2004. Since then, we have built learning solutions, support solutions, and e-commerce solutions – all using WordPress. We use optimized servers in our hosting plans and we leave you with a website you can manage or have us manage it for you.

Latest Articles

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We’ve Updated Our Policies

When was the last time you reviewed and updated your policies on your website? We try to do this at least twice a year because business situations change as do laws and regulations. We have made changes to the following documents as described below. Legal Policies – changed mailing address Privacy Policy – changed mailing

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Collaborating with Milanote

NOTE: Way back in 2014, we wrote an article entitled Our Favorite Collaboration Tools. Recently, it caught the attention of the team at Milanote. They asked me to take a look at their product and add an addendum to that article. After a couple of weeks, I sent them a note expressing how much I

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How Do I Find My Audience

The internet has changed how business owners typically find new customers. Finding your target audience online can be a challenging endeavor. I’ll walk you through the steps I’m using at Veracity Technologies and share a worksheet with you that I developed. Is Your Website Ready? My assumption is that your website is already technically SEO-optimized.

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