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8 Must-Ask Interview Questions

At the time of any job interview, a candidate will be determined to provide the best possible version of themselves to the person asking the questions. It is the job of the interviewer to ask the right questions. Ones designed to provide a real and accurate picture of the person seeking employment with their organization.

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What Most Businesses Miss in Their Hiring Process

The hiring process is a very important stage in the strategic planning of any business. New employees can either improve or lower the status of a company. Qualified candidates are only attracted to companies whose managers use a proactive hiring approach. Nearly 70 employees said that they would consider working for enterprises that hire proactively.

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Is Leadership a Thing of the Past?

Is Leadership a thing of the past? Why is it so difficult to find leaders that clearly articulate a vision and adhere to company standards? What defines a good leader? How does one become a good leader? I think leadership needs to be reinvented. I’ve spent many years in a big corporation where you had

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