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Best Practices

How Do I Find My Audience

The internet has changed how business owners typically find new customers. Finding your target audience online can be a challenging endeavor. I’ll walk you through the steps I’m using at Veracity Technologies and share a worksheet with you that I developed. Is Your Website Ready? My assumption is that your website is already technically SEO-optimized.

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Best Practices

Brute Force Attack Weariness

Are you tired of brute force attacks against your WordPress site? I am! Do you use an obscure username and wonder how in the heck these people are figuring it out and trying to log in? I have spent numerous hours this month combatting this nonsense, trying one plugin after another and finally deciding to

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Secure Your Web Site Now!

Introduction It’s 2019, and if your web site isn’t secure, I won’t be visiting. And you can definitely count me out if I see a security warning when I stop by. If your site falls into this category, it’s time to step up and make your web site secure. If you’re not sure how to

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