5 Productivity Tips When Working from Home

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5 Productivity Tips When Working from Home
Artur Meyster CTO Career Karma
Artur Meyster, CTO of CareerKarma

Artur, who has a background in investment banking, is now the Chief Technology Officer of CareerKarma. He is also a founder of Breaking Into Startups Podcast. Veracity Technologies is excited to have Artur pen this article for us on 5 Productivity Tips when Working from Home.

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The COVID-19 Global Pandemic upended life as we once knew it. If you were fortunate enough to keep your job and work from home, you had to find the right rhythm to stay productive. How did you feel after the first few days of working from home? Most people felt excited, relieved, and stress-free. It probably felt like a much-deserved vacation since you didn’t need to go through stressful traffic multiple times a day. Did you continue to feel this way after the first month of working from home? Probably not. 

Studies have shown that many people that were required to work from home because of the Covid-19 pandemic are now tired, isolated, and fed-up with staying at home all day. The motivation and will to keep working is no longer there. Since you’re reading this, you are most likely looking for an alternative source of motivation to help you remain productive as you work from home. To help you, here are 5 productivity tips you can use while working from home (WFH).

Follow A Schedule

Without the structure of an office environment, it will be more difficult to meet your daily workload. Creating a schedule on your calendar and sticking to it is the best way to follow through. You can use your Google calendar to make a task list. Between 10 and 30 minutes before the scheduled time, you’ll receive a reminder for your upcoming commitment. If you’re not a fan of Google calendar, you can use Calendly, FreeBusy, Schedule Once, Acuity Scheduling, or Rally. Many mobile apps can help you plan your day effectively because web developers and mobile app developers at these companies make this a functional priority.

Dedicate A Work Environment

Working at home isn’t an excuse to be lazy. To increase your productivity, it is important to avoid staying on the bed or couch. If you’re too comfortable, it’s easy to get drowsy and fall asleep. Invest in a small office table and chair and designate a part of your home to work. The designation shouldn’t just be in words but in action too. If you live with others, make sure that they don’t mess with your dedicated work environment. You shouldn’t mess with it either. In your designated workspace, avoid doing anything you wouldn’t do in your office. For example, you shouldn’t use social networking apps when you’re in your home workspace no matter how many notifications you get.

Stay Active

Staying in one place for hours at a time isn’t good for your posture. To protect your health and increase your productivity, consider doing jumping jacks or any other high-intensity program regularly. Getting up and trying to get at least 250 brisk steps will help tremendously. You can use an online timer to remind you to get up and move every hour. Moving around isn’t just going to improve your productivity; it is also going to help you stay in shape. Another benefit of working out in between jobs is the release of endorphins. Each time you exercise, even for a short time, your body releases endorphins and you’ll start feeling positive and happily keep working.

Block Out Noise

One of the biggest challenges people face when working from home is background noise. If there are family members or roommates in your home, background noise can be problematic. It’s so tempting to join in the conversation, slip into the other room to watch a show or listen to some jams. You can’t be productive when you’re distracted. We suggest investing in a set of noise-cancelling headphones. Make sure that they are the comfortable over-the-ear model so you can use it for an extended period without ear pain or headaches.

Take Care of Yourself

Not going to the office every day isn’t an excuse to give up on self-care. When you wake up in the morning, take a shower, dress properly, and go to your designated workspace. If you used to go to the gym every day before work, look for a home workout app and train as efficiently as possible every morning. Take a yoga class online, practice skincare, and eat healthy meals. It’s easy to eat a lot of empty calories when you spend all day at home, so use reliable software to track your eating habits and food intake daily.

Don’t forget your mental health! Take an online class that expands your creativity or adds a new business skill to your portfolio. Be sure to check out the offerings at CareerKarma to expand your skills. Keep a personal notebook using a visual tool like Milanote to explore your creative side.

Bringing It All Together

The global pandemic has changed work life as we know it. That’s why we wanted to share 5 Productivity Tips When Working from Home. You need to stick to a schedule, have a dedicated work environment, stay active, block out noise, and take care of yourself.

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