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Veracity Technologies believes your online presence should drive business for your company and educate and engage your clients.

Our Web Solutions Approach


Did you know that over 50% of the new websites created were built in WordPress.  The platform is easy to learn (we’ll help you with our free videos), scalable, and easy to maintain. From a simple site to a complex site with e-commerce capabilities, we can help.

We favor lightweight frameworks over heavy, feature-laden themes. We only use Divi, GeneratePress, Hello Elementor, and Neve.


Content is still king. No matter how much money you spend on online and social media advertising, if you do not have the content that your viewers are seeking, then your site will get lost in the cacophony of the web.

Content is key to successful search engine optimization. If you don’t feel comfortable in writing copy for your website, we can work with you or direct you to one of our partners who specialize in content creation. A successful website is more than just design!


Did you ever visit a website that took forever to load on your desktop, much less your phone or tablet? We hate that too! There are several key factors in optimizing performance: design, image compression, caching, and more. Some of these factors depend on server configuration and tuning.

For optimal performance, we host our client’s sites on dedicated virtual servers. That allows us to control the server-level performance optimization plus the tuning of the website. If  you’re using a shared hosting platform, you may not be able to fully optimize your performance.

Performance matters because search engines, like Google, are looking at loading times, page speed, and how the site performs on a mobile device.


Analytics will help you measure the results of your online endeavors. Veracity Technologies is well versed in Google Analytics, Optimize, and Tag Manager. These products combined can give you insights into your performance and how your customers interact with your site. We also use various “heat-map” technologies to learn how your customers are interacting with your website. All of this combined data are used to further optimize and improve your online presence.

Social Media

Harvard Business Review reported that “no industry is failing faster than retail.” That’s sad for all of the brick-and-mortar small business owners. To combat that, a business needs to be active on social media.

We work with you to connect your website to the appropriate social media channels. That makes it convenient so that we you publish content on your site it automatically gets published to your social channels.

Search Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) encompasses the techniques used to ensure that your website places high in the search engine result page (SERP). Each page is carefully analyzed and optimized to ensure that your concept and keywords are capable of being crawled and indexed.

If you have a strong local presence in the community, then loacl SEO is just as important. You will want to ensure that all of your business listings are current and that you maintain an active presence on the targeted social media platforms where you can interact with your customers.

Web Site Solutions By Veracity Technologies

I am very happy with our company website designed by the Veracity Technologies team. They additionally have helped us with a couple of security issues and were very responsive to our needs.

Dick Watts Insurance

The team of experts at Veracity Technologies has helped me design a contemporary website that is state-of-the-art in design and has proven effectiveness in business development. The volume of our website inquiries at Chemical Microscopy LLC has increased exponentially because of their expertise in technology and network connectivity.

Chemical Microscopy LLC

WordPress is our Website Solution

Veracity Technologies is a firm believer that a web site should be simple to create, simple to maintain, and not cost a fortune. We like to “teach people to fish” so that they can maintain their own web site if that is their desire. We are big fans of WordPress! In fact, that is what we use for our site and for the majority of all sites we create and manage. It is responsive and viewable across all platforms. A complete online presence includes the web design, content, performance tuning, analytics, social media integration, and search optimization.

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