Technical SEO Audit

Is your website running slow?
Are you not showing up in search results?
Maybe it's time to find out why!

Our Technical SEO Audit will help you understand if your website is running slow. If it’s too slow, Google may penalize your ranking in their search engine results.  If you have other technical SEO issues on your site, it may be affecting your ranking.

A website that’s unoptimized will probably result in low traffic. If you’re trying to generate leads or revenue from your site, speed plays an important factor in traffic! We focus on optimizing WordPress sites so that your goals and user experience are optimized.

Sometimes, it’s hard to focus on the things that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. That’s why we’re offering this low-cost website audit. We actually look at all aspects of your site – we just don’t run your URL through a software service and spit out a cookie cutter report!

Unoptimized Websites Suck

Yes, we said that out loud. Many factors play a role in your website being unoptimized. It could the server where your site is hosted. If it’s shared hosting, there could be many other websites competing for server resources. We can help you find that information and offer you an economic alternative to shared hosting.

Over the years, we have come across many issues that affect websites. Here are some of  the areas that we focus our attention:

  • Database optimization. When you install and uninstall plugins, there may be leftover data. If you have too many posts or page revisions, that will clog up your database too. An unoptimized database will drag down your site speed.
  • Plugins. We all love the functionality that we can get from using a variety of WordPress plugins! Too many plugins that affect the front-end (viewable) side of your website will slow it down!
  • Images. We thrive on visual clues and love an image-rich site. But, if you’re using unoptimized images, images that are too big, your site speed will suffer and your user experience will be poor.
  • Too many requests. Every stylesheet (CSS) and JavaScript file causes your customer’s browser to make a request back to the webserver. This slows down the “painting” of the page and if folks wait to long, they leave.
  • Shared hosting. Yeah, you get what you pay for. If you’re paying around $5/month, then so are the other 300+ websites on the same server. Someone does something stupid or gets hacked, you could be affected.

Checking Your Website

Based on the results of our SEO Audit, we will examine the following areas of your website.

  • Site Speed
  • Technical SEO (headings, title tag, descriptions, and keywords)
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Links (internal, external, backlinks)

You” receive a PDF report via email that details the results of our analysis and also includes some high-level recommendations that you’d be able to implement yourself. 

If you need assistance, our contact information will be in the report. There’s no risk! Use the form below to order your report today. If you aren’t happy with your site’s performance, we can help you!

Free SEO Audit

Simply fill out the form, we will run the audit for you and send you the results via email. Depending on the amount of analyses we are performing, it may take up to ten (ten) business days for you to get your report.

A few days after you receive your report, we will follow up with you to see if you’d like us to help you achieve your website goals.

Technical SEO Audit

Enter your website URL or link to any article on your website.  If you’d like to compare your website to that of a competitor, click on the plus sign and add in their URL. If you’re targeting any keyword or key-phrase, enter that in the form. We’ll scan your site for your target keyword. Plus, we will add you to our mailing list (you can unsubscribe at any time) unless you tell us not to do so.

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