Custom Development

Offered by Veracity Technologies

When you can’t find what you need, then let Veracity Technologies build a custom software solution for your business.

Custom Development Process


Our Approach

We estimate that over the years, we have written well over a million lines of custom code. From mobile applications to telemedicine systems and everything in between. How did we accomplish that?

We will spend some time working on a Business Model Canvas for your project. This will help us align your goals with our development methodology.

We Listen

The first step is to Listen. We want to gain a clear understanding of what you want and what your clients want. We’re not going to start coding until we have the insights we need. Next, we’ll ask you questions. A lot of questions! Things like “who is going to use this?”, “what do you envisions?”, and “what type of budget have you planned?” – and probably more than that!

We Design

A picture is worth a thousand words! Should you choose Veracity Technologies as your development partner, the next step we will take is to design your application in a story board fashion. We strive to do these mock-ups in grayscale. That way we can keep the “bright shiny” distraction to a minimum.

We Build

There are many different ways to build out an application. We prefer the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach. This allows us to deliver something to you with just enough features to satisfy the initial set of requirements. We can then conduct testing to see if we’re on the right track. Test results are used to make necessary changes and allow us to proceed with the next iteration.

Engagement Details

Veracity Technologies strives to provide custom development services at reasonable prices and quick turnaround times. We have experience with a wide range of platforms and understand the strengths and weaknesses of each. Our top qualities are Great Results, Personable, and Great Value.

It’s fundamental to understand how your end users (clients and/or employees) interact with your application. Does the flow make sense to them? Is the navigation intuitive? All of these metrics encompass what we call “Customer Insights.”

It’s also important to consider how to maintain the engagement level of your app users. This may require promotions or incentives. We encourage app owners to constantly seek the feedback of their customers so that they can continually make improvements to their app.

We want to be fully transparent. We charge a small engagement fee to get you to this point. You’ll walk away with a development road map for your project. Should you choose Veracity Technologies as your development partner, we’ll deduct that engagement fee from your project cost.

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