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Mary Meeker is a partner at the VC firm of Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers (KPCB). Each year she publishes a report covering Internet Trends. The presentation is 294 pages, and yes, I did read it! Here are my key takeaways. I encourage you to read the report in its entirety.


Smartphone shipments did not grow as anticipated last year. Does this mean the market is saturated? Humanity spends nearly 6 hours a day staring at a screen. That leaves 18 hours. And, if you get 8 hours of sleep/night you’re left with 10 hours for the rest of your daily tasks. Is it time to disconnect?

On the other hand, this points to the need for companies to ensure that their websites and applications are mobile-friendly. We’ve written previously about designing for mobile-first, maybe it’s time to pay closer attention. Did you know that China is leading the world in mobile payment adoption?

Other Notable Internet Trends

Global internet usage is nearly 50% of the world’s population. This is up from 24% in 2009. Global WiFi networks are approaching 500MM which is making it easier for everyone to get online. Messaging, commerce, and media trend toward being the top usage tiers. Offline connections look to be driving online networks. Nextdoor (launched in 2011) has seen an increase in active “neighborhoods” nearing 200k in 7 years.

49% of us start our product research at Amazon. 78% discover new products on Facebook. Commerce data drivers have evolved from demographics-based (through the 1940s) to Brands (1990’s) and Utility products (2010’s) to where we are now at Data-Driven and personalized shopping.

According to a Gallup poll, 35% of us would prefer to work from home while 51% want a more flexible schedule. Technology is making it easier to find freelance work and that workplace sector growth is up 8.1%.

Lifelong Learning is crucial for the evolving work environment. Youtube viewers watch over 1B learning-related videos per day. 70% of viewers seek content on that platform to help solve work, school, or hobby problems.

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